1929 Stearns-Knight

This very cool Stearns-Knight came to us mostly dis-assembled, and will be stripped to bare metal, wood frame repaired, painted, and re-upholstered.

Please scroll down for photos of the restoration.

August 8, 2017:

The body has been mounted back on the frame. Enough of the re-assembly has been completed so that the car could be loaded onto the owner’s trailer and taken home to finish re-assembly. Once the car is running and assembled, it will return for final detail/polishing as well as a complete interior.

July 17, 2017:

All of the blue colors are on the main body of the car. Such a striking combination! This car is SURE to turn heads when it is complete.

May 30, 2017:

Body work is finished on the body, doors, hood, panels, etc. Paint has been applied to door jambs, hood pieces, and a few other panels. The colors are exceptional and we are very excited to see the car come together.

February 2, 2017:

The body has been put back on the frame and fenders and body work continues.

January 19, 2017:

The first stages body and metal work is complete. The car was moved to the booth for primer on Tuesday and is primed now.

November 30, 2016:

The old paint has been stripped from the body and other panels, and body work has begun.

October 24, 2016:

The car came mostly dis-assembled to our shop, so today the stripping of the old paint and interior begins.