1956 Jaguar XK140 MC

After the recent purchase of this very nice XK140, the new owner has decided to have a full restoration done to the car including engine and transmission rebuild, complete new interior, and all new/rebuilt mechanics.

November 5, 2015:

Restoration is completed on the car and it has been returned to its owner. The interior is stunning, the engine and transmission are reliable. The car now features power steering and air conditioning for every day use. What a great XK140!

August 17, 2015:

Interior installation is complete. The windscreens are installed as well. Restoration is wrapping up now!

July 30, 2015:

The interior is almost finished being installed.

July 14, 2015:

Interior is still being installed.

June 17, 2014:

The interior is coming along very nicely. The heat shielding and jute are installed, as well as most of the pieces for the rear seating area.

June 11, 2014:

The car has been running, the A/C system keeps it extremely cool, and now the car is moved into the upholstery department and interior began yesterday.

May 18, 2015:

The radiator is installed, and the A/C system is being completed.

April 29, 2015:

The interior is being re-upholstered this week. The rebuilt engine and transmission were installed into the car yesterday. Today, David and Kenny are installing new rubber into all the chrome for the windows.

Watch the crew install the engine!

April 15, 2015:

Headliner is installed now. Wiring is being installed and completed. The dash was finished by the owner, and it and the gauges are now installed. Kenny and David are now wiring and installing the air conditioning unit.

March 19, 2015:

More chrome is being installed, such as door handles and trunk latches. The windshield and trim were removed last week in order for the headliner to be installed. George began installing the headliner earlier this week.

March 9, 2015:

The chrome trim rings were installed on the headlights, as well as engine compartment ancillaries such as the windshield washer fluid bottle.

February 5, 2015:

The all new wiring harness is being installed, as are electronics such as headlights, and solenoids.

December 24, 2014:

The transmission was mated with the engine earlier this week, and we started it for the first time yesterday. Everything ran very smoothly, and Mike was very pleased with the performance.

Watch the first engine start!

December 16, 2014:

The engine and transmission have been rebuilt, and most of the engine ancillaries have been installed including carburetors, newly porcelained exhaust manifolds, and timing chain and cover. The transmission is ready to be mated to the engine.

September 23, 2014:

The engine compartment was painted last week, and today Johnny and Andrew are buffing the exterior paint. They have only done a small portion at the moment, but it is quickly looking fantastic!

September 17, 2014:

The under side of the hood is being prepped for primer, and the engine compartment should be painted today.

September 9, 2014:

The body shop is finishing up the last of the preparations before painting the engine compartment. The body work is complete in there, and they have taped/foiled all areas that will not get painted.

September 3, 2014:

The car has been moved to the body shop for the painting of the engine compartment to begin. First thing on the list is to pressure wash the almost 60 years of dirt and grime out of there which was completed this morning.

May 7, 2014:

The engine has been removed as well as the interior of the car.

May 1. 2014:

Dis-assembly has begun! The ancillaries in the engine compartment were removed yesterday in hopes of removing the engine today.