1958 Morgan 4+4

This Morgan was brought to Gassman Automotive for collision damage repair. While parked, the car actually rolled backwards down a hill and through a garage door which ripped the windshield and windshield frame off of the body. There are a few scuff marks on the back left side of the body as well as on the hood , and the rear bumper is a little messed up. We will dis-assemble the car, make any repairs as necessary, and return it to the owner just as though the accident never happened.

Please scroll down for photos of the restoration process.

February 11, 2015:

The luggage rack was finally delivered from the UK last week. The car was detailed and sent home to its owner yesterday. It looks amazing!

November 26: 2014:

The red was painted on the runners and fenders earlier this week. Assembly has begun and steadily continues today.

November 20, 2014:

Primer is all sanded, and the silver was prepped for paint and painted earlier this week.

November 13, 2014:

2 coats of primer were applied yesterday. Sanding the primer is happening today.

November 11, 2014:

Body work continues on fenders and hood and doors are getting prepped for paint.

November 6, 2014:

Body work continues on the hood and fenders.

November 4, 2014:

Body work continues as the rest of the fenders are stripped and body filler is applied.

October 30, 2014:

Repairs have been made to the metal and body work is progressing quickly.

October 23, 2014:

Dis-assembly began earlier this week. The fenders and running boards have been removed, and the rear fenders are being removed now.