1958 Morgan

After re-skinning and painting the rear end of this Morgan 4+4 last year, the car returned to have all of the burgundy re-painted as well, however after seeing how amazing the burgandy looked, he has decided to have the rest of the car painted as well.

July 17, 2014:

Paint and assembly is completed. The car has been photographed and will be returning to its proud owner very soon! What a beautiful Morgan this car truly is!!

July 16, 2014:

Re-assembly is moving along rather quickly. The badges and trim are installed. Most of the lights are re-installed. George is installing the interior on the door panels today.

July 14, 2014:

The body and body panels have been painted. Re-assembly has begun today.

June 30, 2014:

Last week the body and panels were primed. Today, they are being sanded and getting readied for paint.

June 9, 2014:

Door panels continue to be fabricated for the perfect body look.

June 5, 2014:

The hood panels have been primed and will be sanded soon. The wooden door frames were steamed yesterday and bent to replicate the curvature of the body of the Morgan.

May 29, 2014:

New door frames have been fabricated, as well as the metal body pieces that cover them. The body pieces have been welded on, and body work has begun to make them as smooth as possible.

May 27, 2014:

Body work and sanding has begun on the body and the hood. The wood under the door frames is pretty rotten and will need to be replaced, and both door were very rusted, so Mike fabricated new skins.

May 22, 2014:

The exterior door panels are thoroughly rusted, so Mike and Dee fabricated new exteriors for the doors and will begin installing them shortly.

May 14, 2014:

The fenders are re-installed on the car, and are now being prepped to begin body work on the silver portion of the car(the body).

May 13, 2013:

The fenders and runners have been painted and will be wet sanded to a brilliant shine before being re-installed on the car.

May 7, 2014:

The fenders and the runners have been primed and are getting prepped for paint.

May 1, 2014:

The car is getting very close to being ready to be primed.

April 23, 2014:

Metalworking continues on the body of the Morgan, including the rocker panels.

April 22, 2014:

The fenders are being primed today.

April 15, 2014:

The side runners have been sanded and are ready for body work to begin.

April 10, 2014:

The car has been dis-assembled and the 2 side runners are having all of the old paint removed in preparation for body work.