1959 AC Aceca

After purchasing this race Aceca, the owner is having several modifications done for both comfort and performance. The steering column is being raised three inches from where it currently resides, including moving all other necessities around it, the pedals will be moved 4 inches forward for even more leg room. The entire interior floor will be heat shielded and possibly carpeted, the exhaust headers are removed and will be jet hotted and heat shielded as well. Pans will be made for the inner wheel wells in the front, and on the inside of the engine bay for additional shielding. And last, the entire front end of the car will be re-painted due to bubbles in the paint from the lack of heat shielding previously. When done, this race car will be fit for the best.

February 10, 2015:

The car is completed and on its way home.

January 28, 2015:

The car is buffed, the interior is finished (including 2 newly fabricated boxes for storing tools and spares in the trunk area, both of which are removable), mechanical is finished, and the car should be leaving to go home soon.

January 7, 2015:

The car and hood have been painted. Buffing will begin shortly to give the car an amazing shine.

December 30, 2014:

The body work is almost completed on the front. Dee primed only the areas that had body filler and that has all been sanded. Now they will prep the car and hood for paint.

December 23, 2014:

The hood is finished with body work, and body work has begun on the front half of the car. Wire harness is also completed.

December 2, 2014:

The gauge clusters with switches have had custom labels made and applied. The heat shielding and fender wells are being fabricated and installed, and the hood is being stripped and prepped for re-paint.

November 6, 2014:

Both new gauge cluster surrounds have been fabricated and painted, as well as the turn signal switch escutcheons. They, along with the gauges, should be installed in the car today.

October 21, 2014:

A secondary gauge cluster surround is being fabricated and installed. Kenny is fabricating a new wiring harness today which, when finished, will be sent out to be cloth wrapped in period correct British colors.

October 15, 2014:

The pedal box has been relocated for more leg room, and now an expansion box is being fabricated to make more width by the pedals. The steering wheel has been relocation, and the new gauge face plate has been fabricated as well, but it still needs to be covered in red as the previous one was.