1959 Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite

Among the normal tune-up procedures, Gassman Automotive will also be repairing some rear end collision damage to this great little bugeye. Gauges that are not working will also be fixed, and some re-wiring.

April 8, 2014:

The bugeye is completed and being returned to its owner today.

March 31, 2014:

The interior is completed and re-installed. David is finishing up the wiring harness today in hopes of completing this car soon.

March 26, 2014:

All of the interior has been stripped from the car to be replaced with new upholstery for a “new” appearance.

March 18, 2014:

Car has been buffed, and exterior pieces re-installed. Chris is now wiring the dash after re-installing some electrics.

March 13, 2014:

The car is being painted today. After paint, it will be buffed for that extreme shine.

March 11, 2014:

The car has been primed and is being sanded and prepared for paint.

March 5, 2014:

After the metal was re-shaped, straightened, and smoothed, body filler is being applied to give it the ultimate smooth appearance after the car is painted.

March 3, 2014:

Dee, Johnny, and Mike straightened the dents in the car by hand to re-shape the rear end after collision damage.