1959 Chevy Impala

This incredible 1959 Chevy Impala is a beautiful example of a low mileage, all original beauty. Unfortunately, it was hit in an accident, and has now been brought to us for repairs. Days were spent trying to find original, rust-free (keyword!) parts that would be a suitable fix for this car. It has now been brought into the body shop to be disassembled.

March 1, 2014:

The restoration of this larger-than-life Impala is completed and the car looks stunning.

February 12, 2014:

Re-assembly is coming along nicely. The chrome trim has been re-installed, all of the body panels have been re-installed. Dee and Johnny are finishing re-assembly of the front grilles and bumpers today.

February 5, 2014:

The body of the Impala is now painted. Dee and Johnny are wet sanding and buffing the car to a brilliant shine, and re-assembly will begin shortly.

January 20, 2014:

All parts of the car are being buffed. Once buffed, re-assembly will begin after the rest of the car is painted. The car should be painted next week.

January 13, 2014:

The car parts will begin being painted this week. Once paint is done, all parts will be buffed for that irresistible shine!

December 11, 2013:

Any and all trim that needed to either be re-chromed or anodized has been sent off, and most of the car has been sanded for it to be painted. The hood has been primed, as well as some other parts including the fender.