1960 Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite

Restoration of this jaw-dropping Bugeye was completed in June of 2016. The rotisserie restoration included a bare-metal respray after rust repair, all new interior, new mechanics, new rubber, new electrics, brake disc conversion, and a re-seal of the motor and transmission. Please scroll down for photos and restoration documentation.

This Sprite is in need of a new life, and has been brought to Gassman Automotive for a complete, frame-off restoration.

June 13, 2016:

Restoration is complete!

May 26, 2016:

Engine, transmission, and engine ancillaries have been installed. Carpets, seats, and other interior has been installed. Hood is being prepped for installation, including installing of headlights, grille, and badges. The tail lights, bumpers, and badges have been installed in the rear.

May 12, 2016:

Assembly has begun. The brakes, suspension, and steering have been installed. The wiring harness is going in, as well as other engine compartment ancillaries. The engine is rebuilt, painted, and ready to go back in the car.

February 24, 2016:

The car has been painted! It is now just waiting for assembly.

January 28, 2016:

The first coat of paint has been applied to the car’s engine compartment and door jambs. The red is a jaw dropping color, especially in the sunlight.

January 26, 2016:

Body work has neared completion. The body has been primed and is being sanded today. There are a few more spots that will need another coat of primer, but we are hoping to get the inside of the car painted by the end of the week. The hood was primed yesterday and sanding will begin on it next. Color will be coming soon!

December 8, 2015:

Body work has begun!!!

November 17, 2015:

The little bits of metal work that are left are being completed so body work can begin. The interior frame from the rotisserie has been removed.

October 15, 2015:

The metal work is just about complete. Body work on the underside of the floor pans was completed while the car was in the metal shop, and it has now been moved over into the body shop to begin body work soon.

September 21, 2015:

The floors have been removed and new floors have been installed.

September 10, 2015:

Metal work continues. The rear fenders and trunk area were modified to achieve symmetry within the two sides, as well as for proper fit of tail lights. The sides of the fenders were adjusted for proper door gaps and alignment.

August 17, 2015:

Once primed, the car was moved to the metal shop where metal work has begun. Panels with rust are being either replaced or repaired. New fenders were ordered for the car, and were modified to fit just perfectly.

July 15, 2015:

The car was sandblasted today. A coat of primer will be applied in the coming days to prevent rusting, in preparation of body work.

June 4, 2015:

The car has been moved to the metal shop in preparation of Brandon mounting the car on the rotisserie. Once mounted, the car will be sandblasted by Chris to remove any remaining paint, undercoating, etc. in order to reveal bare metal.

May 18, 2015:

Stripping of paint continues on body.

April 30, 2015:

Stripping of the paint has begin, first with the hood.

March 26, 2015:

The rest of the interior was removed today, including all dash and dash components, the remaining interior, and all electrics. The engine and trans were removed, as well as all engine ancillaries, suspension, brakes, and the rear end. Not much left to take off of this car before it will be ready to be sand-blasted!

March 25, 2015:

Dis-assembly began today! The interior is being gutted and the engine was removed. Dis-assembly will continue tomorrow.

February 25, 2015:

The car was brought to Gassman Automotive. Dis-assembly is the first step in this project which should begin shortly.