1963 Triumph TR3B

Gassman Automotive is restoring a 1963 Triumph Tr3B.

Restoration is completed. Here is a video of the final walkthrough

April 23, 2013:

Fluids are being put into the motor. Final details of assembly are being completed and the motor will be started for the first time today since restoration.

April 22, 2013:

Convertible top was completed. Doors, Hood, and Trunk were attached. Badges and Triumph lettering were installed.

April 18, 2013:

Interior was completed. The convertible top is being fitted and installed.

April 16, 2013:

Bumpers, tail lights, pinbeading, and fender guards are installed. Interior is beginning to be installed.

April 10, 2013:

Engine compartment reassembly continues. Carburetors have been installed, and wiring is being run. The dash and steering column are being assembled and installed.

April 8, 2013:

The Triumph has been painted! The seats have been recovered. The car has now been moved to our reassembly department to be completed within the next 10 days.

Click here to view a video of the final coat of paint being sprayed by Head Painter, Dee Newcomb.