1965 Triumph TR4

While a partial restoration had been completed on this car, including a new paint job, the previous owner had to move on and Mike was there to purchase and complete the restoration. The body will be removed to powder coat the frame, all components will be either rebuilt or replaced, and new custom interior will be installed as well.

July 23, 2014:

The restoration of Mike’s TR4 has been completed since around the end of December, however I failed to take completed photos until today and I must say this car is sincerely stunning in the summer sun. Mike has already enjoyed many beautiful days driving this car around to local restaurants and on the parkway with Glinda, and will now be enjoying it down at Smith Mountain Lake for the rest of the summer.

December 12, 2013:

Most of the interior is installed, with the exception of 2 rear panels. You will notice in the photos that the carpet is a grey loop carpet, which came stock with any Triumph TR4 regardless of the color of the vehicle. Mike installed sound deadening material on all of the floor boards to reduce vibrations, rattles, and road noise.

November 4, 2013:

Frame is back from being powder coated. All frame components were coated separately and then re-assembled. Frame and all steering, suspension, and brake components have been installed. The body shop is almost finished sanding the engine compartment to be repainted.

October 28, 2013:

While frame is being powder coated, Mike rebuilt all of the steering components, brake and suspension components, transmission, carburetors, and will be rebuilding the rear end. All new parts have been ordered and are organized for quick reassembly when frame returns.