1966 Aston Martin DB6

Gassman Automotive will be restoring most aspects of this DB6, including: all of the mechanical work, the chrome pieces will be re-chromed, all new rubber parts, and the car will be brought down to bare metal for re-spray of paint.

July 16, 2013:

Assembly has begun! The grill has been fitted and chrome trim pieces and lights are being installed.

July 10, 2013:

DB6 has been painted! Wet sanding has been completed, and the car has been buffed. Oyster Shell is a simply remarkable color on this Aston Martin.

June 11, 2013:

Body is ready for 2nd coat of primer, and accessories (doors, hood, trunk, etc.) are being prepared.

May 20, 2013:

First coat of primer was applied today. Body work will continue for next coat of primer.

May 16, 2013:

Body work is completed, and the DB6 will be taken into the paint booth to be taped for primer and paint.

March 28, 2013:

Body work is still continuing. The aluminum body of the Aston Martin is more flexible than steel bodied cars which causes it to flex during sanding. In order for it to be perfect, it requires more time and patience which our body shop has perfected.

February 14, 2013:

It has been moved into the body shop. Metal work is being repaired, and body work has begun to prepare for paint.

February 6, 2013:

The tear down of the car has been started. Most of the interior has been removed and the car is getting prepared for the painting phase.