1967 Jaguar XKE

Another wonderful 1967 Series 1 Jaguar XKE is in our body shop for all new paint after the previous paint started to peel. We will be stripping the car down to the base layer of primer/filler, repairing any imperfections, and re-spraying the car in the same metallic blue.

Please scroll down for photos of restoration!

March 25, 2015:

The car is re-assembled and restoration is complete!

February 25, 2015:

Re-assembly has begun. The trunk lid and the windshield are re-installed, and Kenny and David are installing pin beading on the hood, as well as the headlights and electrics.

February 23, 2015:

The body is painted and buffed, and the car has been moved to the assembly department.

February 10, 2015:

The hood is being wet sanded today. The body was taped up to paint the channels of the trunk, gas tank filler tank, door jambs, etc. Tomorrow it will be taped up to paint the rest of the body.

February 3, 2015:

2nd primer coat was applied, and car is being prepped for paint.

January 28, 2015:

The first coat of primer was applied, and the body/hood were sanded. A few imperfections are being filled and smoothed in preparation of the second coat of primer to be put on this week.

January 7, 2015:

Body filler is applied, and now the car is being sanded down to a smooth finish in preparation of primer.

December 30, 2014:

Body work steadily continues as the remainder of the old paint was stripped today, and body filler was applied to give the car a seamless look.

December 24, 2014:

The previous layers of paint have been stripped from most of the car, and Andrew and Johnny are starting body work to repair any imperfections in the body to make for a flawless paint job when finished.