1974 Jaguar XKE V12

‘The most beautiful car in the world,’ as many called the Jaguar XKE, it will be a classic car for ever to come. This 1974 XKE is in a very degraded state, after 39 long years of life. Having a lot of sentimental value attached to this particular one, the owner has decided to have it restored above and beyond its original specifications. This XKE is equipped with a V12 motor and an automatic transmission. The engine and transmission will be rebuilt, and everything on the car- including belts, hoses, electrical, chrome trim, interior, convertible top- will be either replaced or restored.

June 20, 2016:

Restoration is complete!!! After debugging the automatic transmission, giving the car a final detailing, and taking the owner’s for a test ride, the car has gone on to its loving home where it will be cherished for many years to come.

October 25, 2016:

The car has been moved to upholstery and the interior is being installed beginning first with the carpets and panels.

September 22, 2016:

The car has been moved back to the lift to install the new exhaust system today.

September 20, 2016:

The engine and transmission and all engine ancillaries have been installed in the car. Re-assembly of other small bits continues, but now the car is waiting for an opening in upholstery to have the interior and top installed.

July 21, 2016:

The engine was start up for the first time yesterday and ran very well. Should be ready to be installed into the car soon!

July 13, 2016:

Assembly continues. The engine and transmission have been mated and stand mounted, and are ready for testing.

April 20, 2016:

Car has been moved to assembly, and re-assembly has begun. Headlight buckets have been installed, wiring harness is being installed, engine compartment ancillaries are being installed, as well as the luggage rack on the trunk lid.

January 26, 2016:

All brake components have been installed, front suspension is installed, the rear end is installed, and the e-brake assembly is being installed today.

December 8, 2015:

The car has been moved to the lift and is ready for suspension installation!

July 14, 2015:

The car was moved to the paint booth today, and is being taped off for paint on the interior panels. Once dry, the exterior will be painted next.

June 11, 2015:

2nd primer coat is completed. The car just needs to be block sanded and prepped for paint!

June 4, 2015:

The first coat of primer was applied, any imperfections fixed, and is now in the paint booth for a second primer coat in preparation of paint. The interior was ordered last week. The color combination of this car will be stunning.

April 30, 2015:

And body work still continues.

April 14, 2015:

Body work continues!

April 2, 2015:

Body work is steadily progressing as the bonnet has been fitted and installed onto the car. Dents were removed from the bonnet and it is ready for body work as well. New bumpers were test fitted.

March 16, 2015:

Metal work is completed on the car. The rear end has been rebuilt, and the car has been moved to the body shop. It was undercoated last week, and is now ready for body work to begin.

January 6, 2015:

The rear end was separated from the car, the inside of the car was braced, and it was installed onto the rotisserie. The car left today to be sand blasted so body work can begin.

November 20, 2014:

The transmission is currently being rebuilt.

October 16, 2014:

Engine ancillaries have been installed, and the engine is virtually ready to be installed into the car when ready.

September 24, 2014:

The carburetors and intake manifolds are rebuilt, cleaned, painted, and assembled.

September 3, 2014:

The engine ancillaries are beginning to be rebuilt or cleaned, including the carburetors and the intake manifolds.

January 22, 2014:

The rest of the firewall and engine compartment was stripped today. Suspension parts were dis-assembled, as well as the interior. Dis-assembly is coming along quickly.

December 23, 2013:

The engine has been removed, and the entire process photographed. The engine and transmission will be sent to SC to be rebuilt by a V12 specialist, while dis-assembly of the rest of the car will continue.

Watch the removal!