1966 Jaguar E-Type

1965 Austin-Healey Mk III Early Phase II

For this car, we were commissioned to do all of the metal work. Once completed we painted the full inner structure and sent it back to the customer. Once he had installed the motor and suspension, the car came back for us to paint the inside of the shrouds and all outer body panels. We then assembled the car, painted the exterior, sanded and buffed it, and mounted the new sport exhaust.

The customer then took the car home and is now in the process of completing it himself.

1969 Triumph TR6

We finished this TR6 for some new clients in South Carolina. We started where they left off with the intention of turning the car into a high-quality driver.

Besides the assembly of the car, the motor seemed to run well, but smoked like a burning building. The transmission made noises in neutral and had an inoperable overdrive unit. After discussing with the customer, we totally rebuilt the motor and increased compression to 9.85 to 1, added a GP-2 cam, tri-carb intake and headers, completely rebuilt the transmission and overdrive, and lowered the car one inch with new wheels and tires.

It is now a very reliable, very quick TR6 that drives beautifully and we feel the customer will have many years of enjoyment in this very rare, first-year TR6.

1970 Ford Bronco

A high quality modern restoration. While we normally work with customers who want to keep their cars very original, we had fun building this one of a kind custom Ford Bronco.

Ford Coyote driveline, new chassis, new steel body, air conditioning, custom interior, digital gauges, and more.

We are very pleased with the result, as is our customer!

Triumph TR6

Upon completion of this, the chassis was picked up and was supposed to be finished in North Carolina, however the body came back to us and we stripped to bare metal, resprayed and completely finished the car. An extremely impressive driving car in its smoothness and handling, but very quick as well. Our first time using the Miata 5-speed conversion, which was a pain in the ass to install, but proved to be very sweet once in the car. Hopefully another very satisfied customer.

1968 Jaguar E-type

In our all of our E-Type resurrections, this is the roughest E-Type we have ever dealt with. Brought back to better-than-new Concours condition by Gassman Automotive.

1960 Triumph TR3A

1963 Triumph TR3B

Triumph TR3B for restoration.

July 20, 2017:

Metal and body work have been completed. The car was prepped for and primed last week, and is now being sanded for the first time.

January 16, 2017:

The interior has been stripped from the car. The paint has been stripped from most of the sheet metal. Doors, fenders, hood, etc. have been removed and now areas with rust are being cut away for replacement, such as rocker panels.

1955 Jaguar XK140MC

1955 Jaguar XK140

1957 AC Ace Bristol

This AC was raced in the famous Le Mans race, and has particular importance in the racing history. With a racing past comes an entirely new set of challenges as the restoration begins. Gassman has restored this car to concours condition to honor the history of this beautiful vehicle.

1930 Franklin Roadster

The customer has spent the last 28 years restoring the exterior of this car. When it was brought in there was nothing done to the interior. George is fabricating the complete interior of the car and also the top.

1977 Ford Bronco

1960 Fiat 600 Jolly

1975 Triumph TR6

1977 Porsche Carrera

1977 Porsche Carrera restored at Gassman Automotive in 2021.

1995 Nissan 300ZX

1995 Nissan 300ZX restored at Gassman Automotive in 2021.

1952 Ferrari 212 Inter Geneva Coupe Vignale

The 1952 Ferrari 212 restoration was completed at Gassman Automotive in January 2013. There were 6 of these cars made, and this is the first. After being displayed at the Geneva World Auto Show in 1952, the car changed owners several times, and engine once. The car was found in Connecticut in 2010, and the original engine was found soon after. It was then brought to Gassman, and many hours of research and hard work were poured into the restoration of this incredible Ferrari.

1929 Plymouth U Roadster

Growing up as a child, Mike has many fond memories of this Plymouth and it has been in his family for many years. At one point in time, his father sold the car, and Mike worked hard to purchase it back to keep in the Gassman family. After sitting for several years, the car has been revived with a new bare metal re-spray, fresh hand pin striping on the body and wheels, new interior, refreshed engine and new engine ancillaries, new brakes, and a new chance at life. Mike and his family are very proud of this restoration, and are excited to get the Plymouth back on the road to relive many memories from the past.

1929 Ford Model A Phaeton

1929 Ford Model A Phaeton was revived to life with a “rustoration.” We installed a newly rebuilt engine and transmission, and got all of the mechanics in proper working order, then we installed a new convertible top and performed a paint restoration to bring back much of the luster which was lost over time.

1929 Stearns-Knight

This very cool, and uniquely colored Stearns-Knight came to us mostly dis-assembled, and was be stripped to bare metal, wood frame repaired, and painted. Enough of the re-assembly has been completed so that the car could be loaded onto the owner’s trailer and taken home to finish re-assembly. Once the car is running and assembled, it will return for final detail/polishing as well as a complete interior.

1930 DeSoto 8 Roadster

1930 DeSoto 8 Roadster was brought to Gassman Automotive partially restored. Gassman fabricated several panels, painted most of the car, completely rebuilt the engine, wired the entire vehicle, and completed the restoration including troubleshooting of the car. When it left Gassman Automotive, it was completely restored and looking brand new once again.

1932 Wolseley

1932 Wolseley was brought to Gassman Automotive to have a custom top fabricated on an 80 year old car. It had its challenges, but in the end, the top looks and functions like new once again.

1934 Plymouth Coupe

1934 Plymouth Coupe was brought to Gassman in an extremely degraded state, and returned to new, once again. Once restored, the Plymouth won a National 1st place award. Gassman is always very honored to receive any award on this level.

1947 MGYT

This car was previously at another restoration shop, and was brought to us to complete the restoration. Car will be restored for the owner to drive on nice, sunny days! Originally, the plan was just to restore for her to drive around and enjoy, but a rare car such as this deserved so much more. So the car was stripped to bare metal, metal and wood was repaired and the car was painted with a fantastic black color. The brakes, hydraulics, suspension, fuel system, etc. were replaced or refurbished to like new condition. A new convertible top was installed, and the supplied interior was reinstalled in the car. All chrome was re-chromed, and the end result is a fantastic car for the owner to drive and enjoy.

1947 Morgan F-Type

After wood work was completed, we re-skinned the entire body of this 1947 Morgan F-Type. The car was then painted and re-assembled with all new components including wiring, mechanics, and chrome.

1948 Chevy 3100 Thriftmaster

After finding a truck that was ready to be brought back to life, Gassman Automotive restored this beautiful truck for its new owner in the span of less than a year. Stripped to bare metal, sandblasted, panels replaced, all new electrical, mechanical, interior, etc. and this truck is far more beautiful than the day it rolled off the line.

1948 Ford Sedan

1948 Ford Sedan was a nut-and-bolt restoration at Gassman Automotive. Every piece of the sedan was refurbished, refinished, or rebuilt. In a national competition, it won a first place. Unfortunately, there are no completed photos of this vehicle at the moment.

1946 MGTC

This MGTC was brought to Gassman Automotive as a partial restoration. The entire body was sanded, primed, and painted by our in house body shop. Later, the car was brought back to finish restoration, including assembly and a custom interior.

1950 Chris-Craft Riviera

Mike purchased this boat in the summer of 2014. It came fully restored, however there were a few modifications made to the boat before use. First thing, was the engine needed to be addressed to get it running properly. Next, the interior was modified to make cubbies for storage and a rubber mat installed in the floor for protection. Finally, a custom cover was made to the keep the interior dry on wet days.

1951 Allard J2 Competition

This 1951 Allard J2 was built on August 24, 1951. Originally the car was fitted with an Ardun-Mercury engine, and like all of those, it blew up within a month. It was then fitted with a Ford pilot engine. In 1968, the owner at the time had the car resprayed and reupholstered by the same man who originally upholstered it when new. Once again, this owner changed the engine and transmission. After being sold to yet another owner, its home became Florida, from which the Allard was found and brought into our possession. Large amounts of time, planning, and hard work were poured into this vehicle. The outcome was phenomenal and has been treasured by many.

1952 Allard K2

This fantastic 1952 Allard K2 was restored by Gassman Automotive for the same owner of the Allard J2. After spending years in restoration, this car was great enough to grace the fields of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in 2010. While it did not win any awards, its presence was award enough for Gassman Automotive!

1952 Aston Martin DB2

After arriving for simple maintenance work, it was discovered that timing chain needed to be replaced. The engine was then dis-assembled to make way for a new, correct timing chain. The car was then serviced, including paint restoration and repair of the falling headliner.

1952 Jaguar XK 120 FHC

The 1952 Jaguar XK120 FHC was supposedly “rust-free” when brought to Gassman. After diving in, plenty of rusted and worn out spots were found. Every piece that needed to be fixed was replaced, rather than filled. Every inch of this car was perfected, including inside the engine compartment, and under the body. All of the wood in the car is still original – just repaired and refinished. All of the suspension, engine, and brake system were completely rebuilt and back to “as new” condition. The Oxblood red interior remained the original color, and was all fashioned by our experienced upholsterer. This Jaguar was reborn when Gassman Automotive was finished.

1952 Singer 9AD Roadster

Restoration completed in December 2019. The first Singer restored by Gassman Automotive and it turned out incredible. From the original paint color found, to the intricately fabricated convertible top, to the newly rebuilt engine, to every special tool in the engine compartment. The car is stunning and is going to live a glorious life attending shows and dancing through the hills of Virginia countryside.

1956 AC Ace

After being damaged in an accident, this gorgeous Ace was brought to us to have a new door fabricated, and to be re-painted in a stunning dark green that suits the car wonderfully.

1956 AC Ace Bristol

This all matching numbers AC# BEX176, which is fitted with a Bristol engine, is now being restored to its original specifications. While the car was purchased in great condition, the owner loves his cars to be as they were when they left the factory. This car was originally painted black and fitted with an off-white interior, and was the only Ace made in this color combination. Along with a change of paint and interior colors, we will be re-chroming bits, replacing hoses and rubber, checking suspension, new tires, Jet Hot coating headers and exhaust, rebuilding all gauges and switches, rebuilding the carburetors, replacing fuel system as necessary.

1956 Austin-Healey 100-4

This Austin-Healey was brought to us with a painted inner body/chassis and body work completed to the outer panels. Unfortunately, all previous body work had to be removed and replaced after correctly repairing metal damage, so create a concours-quality finish paint job. Restoration also included an all new interior. Restoration was completed in April 2017.

1956 Jaguar XK140 MC

After purchasing this 1956 Jaguar with hopes of having it as a daily driver, the car was brought to Gassman Automotive to make it reliable. The engine and transmission were rebuilt, a new wiring harness was installed in the car, and all mechanical components were either replaced or rebuilt as needed. Once reliable, the car was cosmetically upgraded by having an all new interior installed, the dash was restored by the owner, the engine compartment was painted to accompany the newly rebuilt (beautiful) engine. Then extras were added for comfort including power steering and air conditioning.

1957 Ford Thunderbird

The T-bird was brought to Gassman in very nice condition. However, upgrades were made including a new black convertible top, new chrome air cleaner, hash marks, badges, valve covers, and re-chromed bumpers. Other regular maintenance was performed and the car was sold.

1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk

Restoration of this beautiful Golden Hawk was completed in September 2016.

1957 Triumph TR3

The first small mouth TR3 restored by Gassman Automotive, the restoration created a stunning example of this series. Completed in December 2019, this car will be loved for many, many years to come.

1958 Morgan

Morgan was brought to us for mechanical work, including straightening of the front end, brakes, and engine upgrades. Body work was also done including repairing the rear end skin via fabrication of a new one. It was then painted, and the interior was reupholstered to better complete the look of this beautiful Morgan.

1958 Morgan 4+4

After rolling down a hill, and into a garage backwards, this Morgan was brought to us to repair all collision damage, which then led to painting the entire Morgan so it would have a flawless shine all around. The car now looks better than new, and viewers will be unaware that it was ever involved in a collision.

1959 AC Aceca

This car was originally born as a race car, but the current owner wanted to make it more of a daily driver. With that in mind, we moved the steering wheel up several inches, and the pedals forward a few inches to fit his tall frame. We added heat shielding to the engine compartment, and had the headers and exhaust Jet Hot coated to keep the heat down from the engine compartment. The dash was re-designed including all new gauge panels and escutcheons. The spare tire was mounted more accessibly, and we custom made an “extras and spares” compartment to store everything a British car would need in case of a breakdown. We also re-painted the front half of the car to repair some damage in the paint.

1959 Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite

After surviving collision damage to the boot area of this Sprite, the car came to Gassman Automotive for repair. After fixing the exterior, the entire interior, except for seats, was replaced to make the car look like new. The dash was even recovered to match the rest of the interior.

1959 Chevy Impala

After a collision occurred to the front right side of this gorgeous, all-original, 20k mile specimen, Gassman Automotive restored it to a beauty once again. The entire car was re-painted to keep it as beautiful as possible.

1959 Ford Galaxie

After being hit by a tractor trailer that ran through the storage building it was contained in, this 1959 Ford Galaxie was brought to Gassman Automotive to have the body straightened and painted to like new once again.

1959 MGA

Gassman Automotive restored this phenomenal MGA with many modifications including an upgraded 1800cc MGB motor with supercharger, an aluminum radiator, cold air intake, 5 speed transmission, motor turned aluminum firewall, electronic ignition with rev limiter, custom tonneau cover, new wheels, Brookland racing windshields, and a fantastic paint job requiring 9 coats of clear over black with blue flake to really bring it out.

1960 AC Greyhound

The restoration of this 1960 AC Greyhound, BEF 2502, was completed in April of 2016. The car was stripped to bare metal, the frame was extensiveley repaired, and everything was rebuilt from the ground up. The car attended its first show, Kiewah Island Concours, in April of 2016. The result was absolutely stunning, and will be remembered for years to come.

1960 Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite

Restoration of this jaw-dropping Bugeye was completed in June of 2016. The rotisserie restoration included a bare-metal respray after rust repair, all new interior, new mechanics, new rubber, new electrics, brake disc conversion, and a re-seal of the motor and transmission.

1963 Triumph TR3B

1963 Triumph TR3B was restored by Gassman Automotive in 15 days. It was a frame off restoration that included a complete engine rebuild, new paint on the car including engine compartment, NOS transmission, completely custom upholstery, and much more.

1965 Lotus Elan S2

1965 Lotus Elan S2 was built by Collin Chapman (found of Lotus), reportedy for his brother. Gassman Automotive completed this restoration recently and is very proud of the finished car.

1965 Triumph TR4

Mike restored this car for his own personal collection in January 2014. He opted for a complete restoration of the frame, body, interior, and all mechanics including a rebuild of the engine and transmission. In 1965 when you could purchase this car new, Triumph offered many upgrades to the engine, such as a chrome valve cover, and Mike installed all of these time-related upgrades that he had. He also put a very coveted surrey top on the car from his own collection of NOS parts. After restoration, this is truly an amazing Triumph and turns many heads on the road.

1966 Aston Martin DB6

Restoration of this stunning Aston Martin was completed in September of 2013. Restoration included a bare metal re-spray of paint, all new chrome and rubber, and service to all mechanics.

1966 Austin-Healey 3000 BJ8 Mark III Phase II

Probably the finest example of a 3000 BJ8 that exists today, Mike and crew spent 2 years perfecting this vehicle to the highest period correct standards. This car is amongst the elite in the Austin-Healey world, and is well deserving of such a title. The Healey was sitting since 1970, and was all original before beginning restoration with just over 30,000 miles on the odometer. The restoration including a rotisserie, bare-metal re-spray, all NOS switches, lamps, engine ancillaries, etc. Every nut and bolt was removed from its home, nickel-zinc plated, and put back in the same hole it was removed from. Every detail was accounted for in this car, and it truly shows in this incredible restoration.

1966 Sunbeam Tiger

This awesome Sunbeam Tiger was restored by Gassman Automotive in 2017. Paint was completed by Devil's Bowl Autobody.

1967 Iso Rivolta

Restoration has been completed. All new hand-built interior, newly rebuilt gauges, new dash facade, rebuilt engine, new engine ancillaries, paint restored, all new chrome, and a beautiful car ready for its owner to enjoy just in time for driving season.

1967 Jaguar XKE

This no-expense-spared restoration was completed in May 2018. The car had a full rotisserie restoration completed, and was brought back to concours-winning condition. Stripped to bare metal, re-sprayed, and completed with all new or NOS everything, including a 5-speed Tremmec transmission upgrade.

1967 Jaguar XKE

After peeling a little bit of the paint off of this car, it was brought to Gassman Automotive for a bare-metal re-spray which required stripping the entire car of paint and existing body filler, re-filling the body for a perfect smoothness, and repainting the entire car.

1967 Jaguar XKE

This amazing E-type came to us partially through restoration. We resumed the resto and completed it in October of 2015, including installing the interior, trim, electronics, and de-bugging. The car is now ready to roam the roads of Northern Virginia with a beautiful new interior and exterior!

1968 MGB

1968 MGB arrived at Gassman in beautiful condition, to have a custom stereo system installed including a fabricated panel in the trunk, fabricated kick panels in both sides with speakers, and an iPod mount for control.

1968 Triumph TR250

A supercharger was installed in this fine example of the classic TR250. With a 50% increase in power, this is the fastest TR250 in town.

1968 Triumph TR5

This beautiful, blue Triumph TR5 restoration was completed in June 2013. Restoration included repaired/powdercoated frame, upgraded suspension, engine & transmission rebuild, repainted engine bay, new wiring harness, new fuel system, all new interior including repaired seat/seat frames, and original exterior paint restoration.

1969 Chevy Camaro Z28

Restoration was completed in April of 2014. Restoration included re-spray of paint and color change of stripes, all new interior, all new mechanical components, and new chrome. This beast of a car came to a mirror finish and looks incredible. When it is unleashed on the roads, it will definitely turn heads.

1969 Jaguar XKE

Restoration was completed in December of 2014. The floor pans of the car were rusted, so we replaced with new floor pans, undercoated, and painted to match the car. We also replaced the carpet with new fabricated carpet pieces, and installed a new rubber trunk seal. The dash was also a little worn, so we removed the pad and recovered it for a new look.

1969 Triumph TR6

After purchasing and falling in love with this TR6, the owner decided to have performance upgrades done on the car to improve power, handling, and aesthetics. Upgrades included complete engine rebuild and overhaul, new wool carpets, new door panels, new wooden dash, new speakers and sound system, restored steering wheel, engine compartment restoration, aluminum radiator, triple Stromberg carbs, exhaust header and exhaust system, Wilwood brakes, Good Parts anti-sway bar and spindles, new chrome wire wheels, new tires, and a rebuilt transmission.

1970 Split Bumper MGB

Restoration was started on this car many years ago, and was finally able to be completed in September of 2014. The restoration was a frame-off, nut/bolt restoration including a bare metal re-spray. The engine was rebuilt and was fitted with a super charger to increase the horsepower and desire for this B. Everything put on the car was either NOS or of the highest quality to make this B one of the nicest in the world.

1971 Jaguar XKE

After being at a shop that tore the motor and ancillaries down then figured out they were over their heads, the owners looked for a shop that could pick up where they left off – and that shop was us. The motor had a complete rebuild done, and they we were tasked with putting it all back together, as well as upgrading the A/C and installing a radio system. The car was completed in August of 2014.

1971 Jaguar XKE

This car was brought to us in early 2014 for mechanical work including rebuilding of the rear end, and a new gas tank installation. The car returned later this year to have the interior replaced including new seat foams and covers, heat shielding installed in the floors, new carpet and jute, and a re-covered radio surround. The car also had a normal tune up and is ready to roll.

1971 Porsche 911T Targa

The Porsche was stripped to bare metal, all rust spots were removed and replaced, the car was re-painted, new interior, new wheels and tires, new hydraulics, new brakes, new suspension, new badges and other bits as necessary. The car turned out beautiful as always, and the owner was very happy with the end product.

1972 Porsche 911

A complete re-spray of the entire body was completed in July of 2014. This Porsche was originally owned by John Cook, owner of Porsche/Audi, so it has a special place in the Porsche world. After removing several dents and painting the car, it now has a show-worthy look to go along with its title.

1974 Jaguar XKE V12

‘The most beautiful car in the world,’ as many called the Jaguar XKE, it will be a classic car for ever to come. This 1974 XKE was in a very degraded state, after 39 long years of life. Having a lot of sentimental value attached to this particular car, the owner has decided to have it restored above and beyond its original specifications. This XKE is equipped with a V12 motor and an automatic transmission. The engine and transmission were rebuilt, and everything on the car- including belts, hoses, electrical, chrome trim, interior, convertible top- was either replaced or restored. The restoration took approximately 3 years, and the car is beyond stunning.

1976 Triumph Spitfire

1976 Triumph Spitfire had several modifications/upgrades include a Weber carburetor conversion, upgraded Monza exhaust, custom built stereo system, newly padded seats, new steering wheel cover, full brake replacement, minilite wheels, HID conversion, and performance headers.

1979 MGB

This yellow B came to us for a partial restoration. 1 owner since new, the B was in pretty good condition, however after we applied our paint restoration system, replaced the interior and convertible top, replaced the chrome trim, painted the wheels and added new tires, upgraded the transmission to a 5-speed, added a supercharger, replaced the head with a high performance head, added an aluminum exhaust system, replaced the exhaust system, etc., the car was like new again only 37 years later.

1981 MasterCraft Stars and Stripes

This one-of-a-kind pink MasterCraft was brought to us to have the life restored in it. We repainted the exterior, re-upholstered the interior with all new custom made seat cushions and panels, installed a stereo system including 6 speakers and a subwoofer, re-finished the dash with a custom painted wood grain, installed all new gauges, and finished the boat with chrome touches such as courtesy lights and a new horn.

1984 Jaguar XJ6

This Jaguar was brought to Gassman with plenty of rust penetrating the metal around both the front and rear windshields. We removed and treated the rust, completed the body work, and painted the damaged areas, as well as the hood and trunk. New custom seat covers were installed on the front seats and head rests, and the center console was reupholstered as well.

1989 Porsche 466

After being involved in a collision, this 1989 Porsche 466 was brought to Gassman to have the front left fender repaired. It took many test panels to match the paint correctly, but after repairs were made and the fender was painted to match the car, the Porsche sparkled once again.

2004 Lexus RX330

After suffering from collision damage, this 2004 Lexus RX330 was repaired, painted, and brought back to its shiny, wholesome lifestyle once again.

August 5, 2014: The car is completed and has returned to its owner. The finish is absolutely stunning, and looks better-than-factory-new. Another fantastic paint job from our body shop.

July 30, 2014: The car was painted and cleared yesterday, and is back again into the body shop for wet sanding and buffing. The other body pieces are being painted today.

July 28, 2014: The car is sanded and being moved once again to the paint booth to be taped up and painted. The bumpers, hood, and extra pieces will be painted Wednesday.

July 24, 2014: The spots were body filler were applied were primed today. Once dry, the car will be moved back to the body shop to sand the entire car in preparation of paint.

July 22, 2014: Body work is being done to the car to correct the dents cause by the collision. Once repaired, the car will be moved to the paint booth to prepare for primer.

Porsche 356

This awesome Porsche 356 was brought to us to be customized for the owners love of racing. We painted stripes on the front and rear, fabricated an entire new, custom interior, installed decals on the motor, and completed several mechanical repairs as well.

1933 Plymouth Interior

After a partial restoration was completed by the owner, he brought his Plymouth to our upholstery shop for a complete, custom interior fabrication including seat covers, carpet, door & body panels, headliner, trim, rumble seat, and rear panels.